Sunday, April 02, 2006

Indian Rock Bands

People in India have been in love with Rock since a time only God would remember. I remember my uncles and much elder cousins all swinging and moving their heads to some "music" that as a child I didn't understand and to be honest, didn't care for. But as I grew bigger, the inevitable happened. Rock got another fan.

However, the sad part of this whole story is that though people in India love their Rock as much as anyone would, Indian Rock bands are yet to get the deserved credit and appreciation for their talent. I guess its just mentality, that our bands can't come up with anything that could be world class or maybe just lack of publicity and favorable modes of 'spreading the word' that has caused problems aplenty.

Let's face it, most recording studios and banners in India are too busy trying to make a raunchy remix out of a glorious number by Kishore Kumar or Asha Bhonsle. Seldom do they have the guts or the heart to try out a talented Indian band that can make inroads into the global rock scene.

Indian Rock bands are a neglected lot and it is high time one acknowledges their talent.


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